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Wholesale Phones

We are the authorized wholesale distributor for Yezz Mobile and  offer a variety of "New GSM cell phones for Lifeline Providers.  Phones are sold with a minimum purchase quantity. 
No competing product comes close in terms of features, ease of use and pricing.  These products normally retail for $60.00+; however, we not only developed the product for the lifeline industry the pricing was specifically tailored for the industry as well. Additionally, if there are any particular features and/or specifications you need as a lifeline provider we can manufacture to meet your needs within a 6-8 week period.  All of our products comes with a 2 year warranty and we can service warranties direct with each customer.  A New Product as opposed to a refurbished product lowers churn/drop off of your lifeline subscribers which in turn maintains, sustains, and increases your monthly lifeline reimbursement.  Our products will prove to be a good investment

Additionally, we have partnered with elite vendors to offer refurbished GSM and CDMA cell phones, with A-Stock and B-Stock quality.

If you are interested in our product and would like a demo, please respond with a request containing the name, address, and model. We want to earn your business and are willing to work create models and pricing that fits your needs and budget.

These products are also available for retailers and consumers.

We have the following phones in Stock. If you are interested, please contact me at 678-545-9195 or reply to this email. We also buy phones as well.  Please send us your current inventory list.


ZTE sonata brand new unlock phones $40 5000 pcs  

‎Sendtel is 3G phones  brand new unlock $20 31000 pcs

Q10 A-stock 400 pcs back and battery $47

Moto XT 1528 A-Stock back and battery $38  3000 pcs  (stock image)