Lifeline Distributor, LLC
A Premier Lifeline Marketing & Distribution Company
Lifeline Enrollments:

793,451 to date

About Us
Lifeline Distributor, LLC  specialize in marketing and distributing Lifeline products specifically "Free Cell Phones" , and related products.  We have a network of 150+ highly trained and experienced agents throughout the United States. Our combined live activation experience puts us at half million enrollments within a 4 year period of doing business with various lifeline providers throughout the US. 

Lifeline Distributor, LLC has developed strategic partnerships with several master distributors and functions as a separate entity from each of them. 

Office Locations: Lifeline Distributor, LLC is headquartered at 1572 Hwy 85 Suite 211 Fayetteville, Ga 30214, and have satellite offices in the following states:

Louisiana---Baton Rouge, LA
Arizona-- Phoenix, AZ

What Are We Looking For? 

We are looking to expand our partnership with various Lifeline providers in states where ,as a provider, your company needs assistance with increasing its lifeline customer base, and we as a distributor want to expand into new territory, add a new partner due to an existing partnership's inability to maintain our inventory supply within that region, or a better opportunity of partnering with a provider presents itself. 

Factors that may represent a better opportunity are, but not limited to: Enrollment Commission, Residual Commission, and Order Entry Procedures (Compliance &  Amount of Time It takes to process an order), and "Inventory Priority and Consistency".

We do not conduct business with multiple companies, as a partner, within the same city to maintain integrity, prevent fraud, waste, and duplication of orders.  Additionally, our representatives are company specific within all cities and states.  Also, as long as a provider, accommodates company needs with the above Factors, we do not jump providers regardless of the next opportunity. As we pride ourselves on being Loyal, Dependable, Able To Make It Happen, and Willing Go The Extra Mile for our partners.

(There maybe instances where a provider company may qualify as our exclusive provider within a state.) 

Note: We are looking to partner with Authorized Lifeline Providers. Master Agents/Distributors or Field Representatives May Inquire About Available Positions. 

What To Expect?

As a premier distributor, we have a uniform setup for each location: Tent, table, two-three representatives, location manager, generator, mobile internet, compliance signage and marketing material specific to your company.  We first set a level of expectation with our partner company.  We do not enter into any agreement that does not guarantee us inventory priority and unrestricted access to all markets.  We also specialize in company branding and marketing.

Immediate Goal:
(1) Learn company specific policy, compliance, and procedures for order entry. (Confirm shipment of inventory)

(2) Assign and deploy teams to markets with specific focus on major cities or cities with minimal penetration.

(3) Over the course of 2-3 weeks our goal is to properly enroll and activate an average of 500 customers per week within your company's approved markets, and thereafter build up to the expected or agreed upon volume provided inventory is replenished in a timely manner.

Its our company policy, practice, and requirement to reach target volume within a 45-90 day period or less.

                                             Agent Ethical Conduct Pledge

As a representative of Lifeline Distributor your activities in the public square reflect upon not only yourself, but our company, as a whole.  Further, the results of your productivity on behalf of Lifeline Distributor is subject to audit by government entities and Lifeline Distributor Auditors.  These facts require that you conduct yourself in a manner which upholds the highest of ethical standards.

Therefore, in order to represent Lifeline Distributor LLC as a representative, you must be in agreement with the following statements and affirm your commitment with your initials by each, as well as with your legal signature at the bottom of this document.

________ I understand that the Lifeline program provides a one-time subsidy, per household, which may be applied toward the activation costs associated with a new subscription. Therefore, should I have sufficient reason to believe that a prospective subscriber has previously received or is receiving the Lifeline service, whether from another company, I will not submit an order on behalf of this customer.

________ I will not engage in the act of forging lifeline online applications. I will submit an order as the result of interaction with a qualified, willing potential subscriber, who applies his/her own legal signature as affirmation of his/her desire to become a subscriber.

________ I will not knowingly submit an order on behalf of a person who does not qualify for service under the guidelines set forth in the Lifeline program specific to the state in which I am working.

________ I will submit orders on behalf of any qualified person wishing to subscribe to Lifeline service, without regard to race, creed or ethnicity.

________ I will not retain any document or form used in the enrollment process containing customer information deemed sensitive.

________ I will not directly or indirectly through any employee, agent or otherwise, work for any other ETC (Lifeline Provider) within States that I am working with Lifeline Distributor, LLC.  My exclusivity shall remain in effect until terminated.  In the event, I desire to work with another ETC, I am to provide notice of my intentions and terminate/resign 14 days prior to beginning with the other ETC. 

We understand and affirm that failure to adhere to standards of ethical conduct set forth by Lifeline Distributor, LLC -- Lifeline Distributor may result in the immediate suspension/termination of my privileges as a Lifeline Distributor contractor. Further, I understand that serious breaches of these standards could possibly result in criminal and/or civil litigation against me. My legal signature below affirms my commitment.