Clowers Communications Inc
A Premier Marketing, Sales, & Distribution Channel Company
About Us

Clowers Communications, Inc  specialize in marketing and selling

Residential and Commercial  Cable, Internet, Home and Mobile Phone, and

SmartHome service products.

We have a network of 300+ highly trained and experienced sales agents

throughout the United States that market and sell our clients products through 

social media, door to door, special events, and in various retail stores

Office Locations: Clowers Communications, Inc is headquartered at 110 Habersham Dr. Fayetteville, Ga 30214, and have satellite offices in the following states:

Louisiana---Baton Rouge, LA
Arizona-- Phoenix, AZ
Nevada--Reno, NV

What Are We Looking For? 

We are looking to expand our partnership with various Cable and Internet service providers in states where ,as a provider, your company needs assistance with increasing its customer base. 

What To Expect?

As a premier marketing and sales channel partner, we have a professional

uniform setup for each location, door to door, event, and retail location

consisting of specific branding of equipment such as shirts, badges, jackets,

tents, tables, flyers, etc...  We also staff 1-2 representatives per location with at

least one being a manager or team lead, mobile internet, and tablets with ip

address verification.  

Immediate Goal:
(1) Learn company specific policy, compliance, and procedures for order entry.

(2) Train our sales staff specific to company compliance and policy. 

(3) Assign and deploy teams to markets with specific focus on major cities or cities with minimal penetration.

(4) Over the course of 2-3 weeks our goal is to properly enroll and activate an

average of 400-500 customers per month within your company's approved

markets, and thereafter build up to the expected or agreed upon volume. 

Its our company policy, practice, and requirement to reach target volume within a 45-90 day period or less.